About us

Why Expressive Shades?

At Expressive Shades we understand how difficult it can be to pick up a diverse greeting card that reflects African, Caribbean, mixed ethnicities or mixed couples easily. In the UK it is rare to see greeting cards that reflect black people in all shades in regular card shops.

Why is this?

We wanted to make a change. We no longer wanted to make do with what was available or spend a prolonged period of time searching online for something that should be available at our convenience.

To us at Expressive Shades, it is more than just having cards that reflect us and those we are sending them to; It is about having a full range of quality greeting cards that represent us, our culture and our experience.

This is the motivation behind Expressive Shades.


Our values

At Expressive Shades we are all about spreading love, encouraging positive thinking and well-being. Spending time with family and friends, the people we care about and doing the things that we enjoy are important ingredients for well-being. 

Although we cannot always be around the people that we love, showing them that they are within our thoughts by sending a greeting card or gift will spread happiness and show that you care. 

We are grateful that you have landed on our page, that you have taken the time to read about our brand and appreciate all the feedback we receive that helps us to develop this brand.


We hope that one of our business cards finds you so that you can say your daily affirmations LOUD & PROUD!


Expressive Shades Affirmation Business Card